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jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009

Peter Joseph - "Where are we going?" - Zeitgeist Movement


Peter's latest presentation to communicate The Zeitgeist Movement / The Venus Project publicly is now online. The 2 hr lecture, which was conducted at the Maharishi University on Nov 15th 2009, can now be viewed on Vimeo in two parts.

"Where are we going?"


Peter Joseph: "Where are we going?" Nov. 15th '09 1/2 from peter joseph on Vimeo.


Peter Joseph: "Where are we going?" Nov. 15th '09 | 2/2 from peter joseph on Vimeo.

A full DVD ISO will be also available soon for free download through our TOOLKIT page.

We encourage everyone to download the video (the full video can be downloaded through Vimeo on the page) and re-upload to other sources (IE Youtube, Bliptv, Dotdub) and help spread the info. Please send this to your friends and family.

Also, please note that this presentation is the second presentation in a set of two, the first of which took place in London, called "Where are we now?". This has been online since July. It can be viewed/downloaded here:

In Solidarity,

* Última notificación que he recibido de ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT

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  1. This is an amazign lecture so full of rich information, please watch it.


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