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jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

Fuerzas de seguridad Sirias matan a 9 personas en un funeral

While much of the Catholic world celebrates Easter, the unrest in the Middle East is going on with no signs of slowing down. The totalitarian rulers are determined to cling to power, but so are the protesters to take them down. Syria recently marked the deadliest day since the protests started over a month ago during which at least 76 people were killed by the security forces loyal to authoritarian President Bashar Assad. This video is not from that event, rather it’s from an aftermath, wherein the protesters carried the victims to their burial grounds in funeral processions. The security forces opened fire at them and killed at least 9 people (among whom were children).


*En la fuente vereis un video y unas fotos muy fuertes. Si sois personas sensibles no abrais el enlace.

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